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I help people refine brand-aligned messages and convey them in an engaging way via video.

The videos are primarily used for:

  • Corporate Leadership Internal Marketing
  • Social Media Distribution
  • Website and Branding Support

As the PwC Production Studio Lead, Firm leaders and subject matter experts constantly told me that I made them feel very comfortable so they could deliver their messages with ease via video recording or live webcast events. During production, I found that I could help them refine their messages and deliver something better than they had originally planned.

Looking for a new challenge, I decided to start a company to see if I could have the same success in the broader marketplace as I did at PwC.

Happily, I have found that my own clients are the same as they were at PwC – we have a great time, producing great content and I am exceeding their expectations.

I appreciate you taking the time to visit my website and look forward to serving you in the future!

Tom McCarthy/Owner


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“I have worked with Tom on a number of video tapings and live webcasts over the years. He always created a pleasant, relaxing environment for me and my fellow presenters while providing constructive guidance allowing me to convey my initiatives in their best light. I would encourage any C-suite leader to consider hiring Tom. He makes the production process move smoothly so I can get my messages across and get on with my day. He has the right balance of providing space to perform while adding valuable comments, which results in memorable messaging that really engages an audience. What’s more he is a really nice guy!” – D. Finn, Former PwC Global Human Capital Leader

“For years, Tom provided production services for live webcasts for my team and me. Tom is very pleasant to work with. He creates a relaxed comfortable environment for presenters.  The finished webcast looked like broadcast television. The events he directed kept our audience engaged and help drive our initiatives through clear communication and discussions.  I would recommend hiring him.  He creates a fun, loose environment that allows professionals to relax and deliver their best.” – H.  Paul, Former PwC US Talent Acquisition Leader

“Tom and I collaborated on the delivery of quality video production events at one of the worlds largest professional services organizations.  Tom’s dedication to quality was outstanding.  There are few people I have encountered in my 20 career that are more professional, dedicated and passionate than Tom McCarthy. In our 15 plus year relationship Tom has produced over a 3000 video studio events.  In each event Tom brings a high level of expertise and professionalism that result in a great customer experience.  The customer base that I represent have specifically requested Tom’s services for all of their high profile and critical events.   Tom has a great passion and drive for the event / video production space.  He has continually proven his ability to deliver a great experience for his customers.  If your organization is focused on quality, professionalism and passion for excellence then you need to hire him !” – M. Rinaldi, Former PwC US IT Market Leader

“I worked with Thomas McCarthy in connection with videotaping my retirement party which entailed not only the customary speeches and other retirement-related activities but the live performance of two rock groups.  The complexity of capturing all of the activities on video and obtaining high quality audio was a challenge…but, not for Tom!  He obtained the audio for the rock band performances directly from the soundboards…the results were excellent.  The video captured all of the important elements of the celebration as well.  Tom was, at all times, highly professional.  If the opportunity presents itself, I would certainly use him again.” – S. Einstein, Retired PwC Partner

CONTACT:  or call 646-769-0358